Switch words book pdf free download

switch words book pdf free download

switch words book pdf free download

are uniquely chosen words that switch on your subconscious. They ‘flip a switch’ in your beliefs and behaviour at a deep level. They bring you together so you can attract what you want in life. Like waving a magic wand, speaking, thinking or chanting these words connects you completely with the goals you desire – and brings them to you. The Introduction and Chapter 1 explain the ...

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Switchwords PDF. In her book, left, Liz Dean, right, outlines the theory behind switch words and list over 200 that you can use. Outlines Number Code Message Therapy Switch Words Healing Codes Get What You Want One Word Magic Words Being Used. More information.

-In my book, Switchwords: Use One Word to Get What You Want, I talk about chanting Switchwords in sets of 10, 28 or 108 (the traditional mantra counts) - or as many times as feel right for you. However, a friend recently commented, ’If I chant my Switchwords fifty times a day, I’ll have more chance of succeeding’. I explained that saying Switchwords is not like entering the Lottery ...

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 · I downloaded the free portion of the e-book, and perhaps I didn’t heed your warning about trying! It’s a challenge (for me) to say the word without attachment to results. I’ve tried dowsing rods and my pendulum in similar situations, and they seem to work better, but that may be because I’m more familiar with them.

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