Download spotify playlist to gear fit 2 pro

download spotify playlist to gear fit 2 pro

download spotify playlist to gear fit 2 pro

On my new Samsung gear fit 2 pro, I have downloaded and logged in to spotify, and am trying to download a playlist to listen offline. It kind of works, but will only successfully download 19 of the 47 songs that are in the playlist. At first, the remaining songs weren't even visible on the watch app, but after re-installing the app and trying again I can see more of the songs, (not all, though ...

Gear Fit 2 or Gear Fit2 Pro: Tap Premium User, and then tap Log in with Spotify after you open Spotify. Enter your account information, and then tap LOGIN . On some watch models, you'll need to listen to the music through Bluetooth headphones.

 · Shout out to Spotify for updating the Samsung Gear FIt2 app to let us stream and download music from it. But you can't just update it and dive in, there's so...

I then added the Spotify app to the fit2 pro - you have to provide your spotify credintials. Then you can download your playlists; on my pc Spotify app I right clicked on the playlist and picked the download option (don't know how to do this on mobile app). This moved my playlist to the fit2 pro (and my mobile Spotify …

 · I made this video to talk about my experience using Spotify on the Samsung Gear Fit2. I show how I was able to install it and the basic functionality My Gea...

Basically the same issue as this thread On version 1.1.24. The Tizen Spotify app for the Gear Fit 2 Pro is incredibly broken. After downloading one of my offline playlists onto the watch over wifi, any subsequent updates will not sync. The app will show the "Downloading" status bar and say the son...

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